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How To Make Homemade Gluhwein, A Popular German Christmas Drink

Gluhwein is a popular drink in Germany during the winter months. It is especially popular at the Christmas Markets that pop up all over the country in the month of December. This hot mulled wine is sweet and has hints of spices for the holiday season....(more)

Popular Swabian Dishes In Southern Germany

Of all the different regions in Germany, the Swabian area is the most well known for their unique dialect and also for the traditional hearty cuisine that can be found in the area. When you think of German dishes no other area in Germany has more authentic traditional fare than the Swabian region....(more)

Popular Alcoholic Drinks Found in Germany

There are many different drinks that are popular in Germany. Some are native to the land and others have migrated to Germany and have become synonymous with the culture. Below is a list of popular alcoholic drinks that you'll find and some that might surprise you....(more)

How To Make Traditional German KaeseSpaetzle

In Germany Spaetzle is a popular dish and can be found in the southwestern region of the country in an area called Swabia. It's not defined on a map but is rather a cultural region known for it's unique dialect spoken, cuisine offered, and local customs. ...(more)


The Thief Lord Book

Fantasy and speculative fiction novels are becoming increasingly popular books. Children and adults alike are reading about heroes and heroines in their tween and teen years facing down impossible situations. In Cornelia Funke's book "The Thief Lord," readers follow a group of young thieves who are pursuing a magical artifact, while themselves pursued by different adults. "The Thief Lord," set against the backdrop of Venice, combines orphaned street kids with a mysterious mission, resulting in unique adventures....(more)

5 German TV Shows Worth Checking Out

Like people in most Western cultures, Germans enjoy watching television. While a good portion of the programming centers on dubbed versions of American shows, there is also a fair share of locally produced German shows. While most of these aren't known abroad, many are entertaining and worth watching. See if you can find an import DVD of the following shows....(more)

German Entertainment Magazines

Spending an extended time away from your native land makes you homesick. You can have a piece of Germany delivered to you wherever you are. The student learning German can get a better understanding of the language by reading the magazines and entertainment periodicals millions of German citizens have delivered to their doors every week. Here are five magazines that cover the German entertainment scene....(more)


Works of Thomas Mann

Thomas Mann was born in Lubeck Germany and wrote short stories, essays, and novels. His works centered on symbolism and irony with an emphasis on psychology and intellect. Three of Mann's six children became writers and a brother was a writer. Mann became a United States citizen and lived with the family in California until the early 1950s. Mann returned to Europe and lived in Switzerland up to the writer's death in 1955. The following works are some of Mann's most important but represent about 10 percent of the author's writings....(more)

The Art of German Black POWs

While the Holocaust is known for the atrocities committed by the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NAZI) for acting on their anti-Semitic views, the Nazi party did not limit their actions to the Jewish people. Inclusive in the victims are people who identified as homosexual, people of other races, the disabled, and mentally ill. Still, much of the military was less discriminatory, allowing people of other races to serve. Despite this, much of the artwork created after World War II depicted only white prisoners of war....(more)

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