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6 Things To Do In The Swabian Alb In Germany

The Swabian Alb is a large geographic area that starts near Stuttgart in southern Germany and heads down toward Lake Constance. The area is full of limestone formations and large hilltops that are home to many castles and ruins. It is also an area full of great outdoor activities and other historical sites....(more)

Common Road Signs To Know In Germany

For anyone who's ever driven in Germany, you quickly come to realize that Germany is a land of road signs. Everything is marked well and must be followed. Sometimes it may seem as if there are too many signs on the road. In Germany they don't follow many assumptions when driving. This list covers the most important and most common road signs you'll encounter while driving in Germany....(more)

A Visit Through Germany's Popular Travel Roads

Germany has an impressive network of roads and highways that take you to some of the most beautiful areas in the country. If you're planning to travel by car and want scenic views of Germany, consider traveling through one of Germany's travel roads. Many of these roads were built up to increase tourism in Germany starting in the 1950's and today there are over 150 themed routes to help you explore the country. Listed are some of the popular and beautiful travel roads to take....(more)

5 Popular Ski Destinations In The German Alps

The Alps are a huge mountain range that span across seven European countries, Germany included. Most famous among the mountains are Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn, but Germany also has some great mountains and mountain ranges as well. The landscape of the German Alps provide a beautiful backdrop and often falls off the radar for tourists, making it a more affordable option for beginning to advanced skiers and snowboarders....(more)


5 Things To Do In The Saxon Switzerland (Sechsische Schweiz) National Park

The region of Saxon Switzerland, officially referred to as Sechsische Schweiz, is one of Germany's fourteen national parks. It's located in the far east area of Germany on the border of Czech Republic. It is also only a forty kilometer, or 25 mile, drive from the beautiful city of Dresden which is the state capital of Saxony. This national park is unique in landscape and was formed from a lake 100 million years ago. After the lake had drained what was left were large sandstone rock formations that stand freely today, jutting out of the ground and providing a beautiful landscape. In addition to this, there are unique animals such as the three toed woodpecker and other species that aren't found elsewhere in the country. If you enjoy the outdoors then a visit to Saxon Switzerland is perfect for you....(more)

How To Celebrate New Year's In Germany

New Year's, more commonly known as Sylvester in Germany (spelled Silvester in some places), is a spectacle to see. Not only will you have a great time, you'll also be exposed to some of the interesting traditions that take place on the night leading into the new year....(more)

Popular Drinks Found at German Christmas Markets

If you're headed to a German Christmas market for the first time its helpful to know about the different drinks available. Many of the drinks found at the Christmas markets are unique to Germany and it's quite possible that you may have never heard of many of them before. Use this list so you can understand what each drink means and help you decide which ones you want to try....(more)


5 Fun Games to Help You Practice the German Language

German isn't the easiest language to learn, but practice makes perfect. A fun way to use what you've learned so far is to play a German language game that will put your knowledge to the test. Here are a few fun suggestions to try out. You can play these with other members of a German class, or host a game night to help you and your classmates practice the language....(more)

A Selection of German Board Games

German-style games are very unique and are often quite entertaining. The characteristics of these games make them excellent for family game nights and get-togethers. Whether you are an adult or a child, you're likely to find a lot of fun in playing almost any German-style board game. These games feature multiple qualities, including the absence of player elimination and the presence of exciting strategies. Five of the most popular German-style board games are "The Settlers of Catan," "Ticket to Ride," "Lost Cities," "Carcassonne," and "Alhambra." In this article, you'll get an in-depth view of each of these five German-style board games....(more)

A Review of Berlitz New Basic German

Berlitz Publishing has made a big name for itself in the field of foreign language. It has created a diversity of products such as dictionaries, language-learning courses, phrase books, and more. Today, it is part of Langenscheidt, another reputable name in the foreign-language learning industry. The union and efforts of these two giant companies has eventually led to the development of Berlitz New Basic German, which is one of the foremost publications in the German language-learning area....(more)

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